Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Microsoft flight simulator: valve denies problems with steam return policy

The full version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available in the Microsoft Store and on Valve’s Steam gaming platform – and is causing frustration among some players on the latter. Because the way it is installed apparently cancels out the Steam return policy for this title. The result: a mass of bad reviews.

Typically, game buyers via Steam have the option to return a game after up to two hours of play and receive the payment amount back. If you buy Flight Simulator via Steam, you first download the actual launcher via Steam, which is about 1 GByte in size. This launcher in turn loads the game data after the obligatory login with a Microsoft account. The problem: Steam considers the active launcher as game time – and the launcher has to download over 90 GByte of data before you can take off.

This was allowed to take over two hours for most players, which usually precluded refunds. In a statement to the game magazine PCGamer Valve writes that the problem is known. Therefore, the time needed to download the game files will not be counted towards the time limit for the right of return.

We will go through the flight school together and take a look at the aircraft and airports of the release version of the new flight simulator. And of course we will fly to desired locations.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the successor to Flight Simulator X, released in 2006, and takes the simulation genre to a new level with streaming integration of approximately 2 petabytes of cloud data, combined with highly detailed aircraft models and a powerful 3D engine. AMD and Nvidia have already released new graphics drivers that officially support the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (short review) – AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.8.2 as well as the Nvidia GeForce 452.06. Flight Simulator still runs decently in high detail settings even on older hardware like a GeForce GTX 1070, as our performance check shows.

Flight Simulator 2020: Image quality

Microsoft flight simulator: valve denies problems with steam return policy

Quality comparison Flight Simulator 2020: 1080p, ultra preset, render resolution 200

Flight Simulator is available in three editions for 70 euros (standard), 90 euros (deluxe) and 120 euros (premium deluxe), each of which includes more aircraft and more finely recreated airport. In addition to the online sales versions via Windows Store and Steam, the standard and premium editions are also available as a disc version with 10 DVDs, which Aerosoft distributes. In addition, the standard version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC, which costs about 4 euros per month.

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