Macos: hp apps lose security certification

Macos: hp apps lose security certification

Owners of Hewlett-Packard printers are currently experiencing problems if they use the device on a Mac: The official applications of the manufacturer fail in series, because the operating system seems to consider them as malware.

These include the widely used HP Utility (HP printing tool), which can be used to adjust printer settings, and HP frameworks for monitoring the printer, which run in the background. macOS shows at the start of the programs (respectively at the restart) that the applications are "damage the computer" could. This may also make printing impossible.

Certificate was apparently withdrawn

The reason for the error message is apparently the fact that there is a problem with the security certificate of the HP applications. macOS is apparently told that this has been withdrawn. Not all versions of the operating system are affected, however, since they use different databases; High Sierra (10.13) and macOS versions below it work normally.

Not affected by the problems are the print functions in macOS itself, which can be accessed via the system settings or the individual programs – however, many users also install the HP utility. Also still usable is the tool HP Easy Scan, distributed via the Mac App Store, for using the scan function of various all-in-one devices from Hewlett Packard.

What you can do – also Amazon Music affected

Currently there is no direct solution, the HP programs probably need to be updated. Affected people can try to delete the HP programs – this is offered by the system anyway – and delete and reinstall the printer in the system settings. They should ignore the HP utility. After that, they had to be able to print normally using the system function. The special functions of the HP utility will be partially lost as a result.

Meanwhile, there seem to be similar problems with the official application of the Amazon Music service. Its users can no longer launch the app either. The incident is reminiscent of a similar problem with security certificates of the popular apps of the developer Charlie Monroe – Downie 4 Co. also did not work for several days due to a signature ie and only became usable again after an update. Apple’s "anti-fraud system" seemed to have made a mistake here.

According to the renowned blogger Howard Oakley, Apple has meanwhile reactivated the certificate. In this context he reports about another current problem concerning certificates: The security tool MRT (Malware Removal Tool) has a bug in version 1.68 has a bug that leads to performance losses on some Macs. MRT is automatically distributed to Macs by Apple when the installation of important security updates is active in the system settings; the problems will only be fixed as soon as Apple distributes a new version 1.69. 1.68 has since been withdrawn.

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