Lower saxony: digital traffic center to prevent traffic jams

Lower saxony: digital traffic center to prevent traffic jams

A digital traffic management system is to mean that drivers in Lower Saxony will be stuck in traffic jams less often in the future. To this end, the state is relying on NUNAV navigation technology, which links and evaluates countless road data in real time. Each driver will receive an individual route suggestion in order to prevent traffic jams on alternative routes, explained Transport Minister Bernd Althusmann in Hanover on Thursday.

Identifying accident blackspots more quickly

"We can’t prevent every traffic jam, but we can make traffic much more efficient", said the CDU politician at the presentation of the system. For the use of NUNAV only a device with Internet access is needed. The system is available free of charge as a navigation app for Android and iOS devices. But the state transportation authority also uses the system to identify accident blackspots more quickly than before.

NUNAV was developed by the company Graphmasters from Hanover, Germany. For the development and use of the real-time digital traffic situation picture, on which the transport authority now relies, the state has given the company 180.000 euros paid.

Minister Althusmann emphasized that in view of increasingly digital vehicles, digital traffic management is also necessary. This saves time, protects the climate and increases security. Other federal states had already come forward and shown interest in the system.

Immense data collection as a basis

Sebastian Heise, co-founder of Graphmasters, explained that the data is based on a variety of sensors on the roads – for example, from cameras, radar stations or contact loops in the ground – but also on location data from cell phones. This makes it possible to see how driving speeds are changing and how busy the road sections are.

According to Heise, the volumes in the street network are updated 1.5 million times a minute. "We have thus compiled an immense collection of data, with which we can actually respond to traffic in a highly precise manner", he said. The President of the State Traffic Authority, Eric Oehlmann, announced that the real-time situation image for Lower Saxony is expected to be available from 14 January 2010. January onwards freely available to everyone on the Internet at vmz-niedersachsen.the drone will be visible.

For the traffic authorities, the digital system means a new dimension in traffic management "Quantum leap", said Oehlmann. "Until now, we have had to rely on different players for our traffic parameters." This has led to delays. Decisions about speed limits, road closures or detours could now be made more quickly. And tin signs could eventually become a thing of the past.

The state transportation authority is also currently realigning itself because, since the beginning of the year, the federal government has been solely responsible for planning, building and managing the autobahns, rather than the states. The state agency, however, continues to be responsible for federal and state roads and has set traffic management as a new focus – in addition to topics such as e-mobility and bicycle traffic.

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