Grune’s policy: digital self-determination and high co₂ price

Grune's policy: digital self-determination and high co₂ price

The Greens want to dedicate a separate chapter to digitization in their new manifesto. For the first time, his party admits to a "strong commitment to technological progress" said party leader Robert Habeck at the presentation of the draft. The voice of the grassroots is being heard on technical ies, the Corona warning app is "built according to our suggestions".

Not every progress was allowed to be made. Technology only provides possibilities, it must always be monitored for its benefits and harms. There should be limits, for example, for artificial intelligence (AI) or human cloning.

"More quality of life, but .."

According to the draft program, which is to replace the 2002 program, the Greens want to fight for "an open, public welfare-oriented network". The focus is on "a future-proof digital infrastructure, free and equal access to the network for all, protection of our privacy and personal data, as well as modernized management".

"Many digital services increase our quality of life, from access to knowledge and information, to Open Data and online-based burger participation, to car sharing or smartly controlled electricity supply", write the Grunen. But also: "We have to be reachable at all times, market-powerful Internet companies are using personal data to create detailed profiles about us, one data scandal follows another, digital identities are being taken over and hatred is also growing on the Internet."

Essential are "the right to digital self-determination", a "innovative data and consumer protection, the best IT security, real equality of opportunity and accessibility". Open software and net neutrality could contribute to a democratic debate culture and more transparency. "We must fight for freedom, justice, sustainability and democracy in the digital world and against hate, agitation and violence just as we do in the analog world."

Fast Internet for all

The Grunen want to introduce a legal claim to fast Internet for all with the access speed, which already uses the majority of the citizens today, as well as open WLAN and Freifunk support. In mobile communications "in der Regel ubertragungsraten von 10 MBit/s zur Verfugung stehen".

Internet corporations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon "must live up to their gross social responsibility – and pay taxes, for example."

"Flat-covering capture and continuous observation is incompatible with a free democracy", state the Grunen. Unobtainable data collections were of little use in the investigation of terrorism. They were "itself a security risk, also because intelligence agencies keep IT security loopholes open out of self-interest". The party thus speaks out against "Data retention, BND dragnets, veil searches, license plate searches or flat-area video surveillance" From. State Trojans needed to be clearly regulated.

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