Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Gopro hero 9 black: 5k resolution and more ease of use

GoPro has introduced the Hero 9, its new action cam top model It verkorpern a change in strategy of the industry leader: Compared to the Vorganger, the Hero 9 has grown significantly, has more space for a coarser display in the back and a completely new screen in the front. In addition, the action cam now records in 5K resolution and shoots photos at 20 megapixels.

Inside the new Hero 9 now works a CMOS sensor with 23.6 megapixels. This not only makes the higher photo resolution possible. The sensor also gives more latitude for high resolution 5K video, which is steadied via electronic image stabilization.

Up to five viewing angles

In 5K mode, the Hero 9 offers four viewing angles, while at lower resolutions you have five choices. Because here there is the so-called "Superview", which provides nearly (real measured) 120 degrees of viewing angle at 25 frames per second. Even in 5K mode, you can only record at 25 fps, while in all other resolutions you can record at up to 60 frames. In full HD, up to 240 frames per second are still possible for smoother slow motion.

The backside display of the GoPro Hero 9 is significantly coarser than the one on the front side. It is still used to operate the camera menu.

The ability to always straighten the horizon in the camera is new. This costs some more wide angle, but works very well in the first hands-on. GoPro had to take a lot of criticism for the Hero 8 with its fixed protective screen in front of the optics. This is why it can now be removed again. Appropriately, GoPro announces a lens mod, with which one should get in the 2.7K mode particularly well calmed and always aligned in the horizon videos. Lens mod is coming in October and will cost just under 100 US dollars.

Battery grows

The new front display is in 1:1 format, but can be switched to the classic 16:9 format. At 2.9 cm diagonal in 16:9 mode, the preview is coarse enough for selfie stick operation. On the back, the display grows by half a centimeter to 5.5 cm compared to the previous model. The battery has grown: instead of 1220 mAh it now provides 1720 mAh. The Hero 9 can now be timed, so you don’t have to get out of bed to shoot the sunrise. The time-lapse recordings can again be slowed down to real time by means of a switch flat.

Like the Hero 8, which remains in the lineup, the new Hero 9 doesn’t require a mounting frame, but offers two fold-out mounting tabs at the bottom. It is waterproof and dustproof to a depth of 10 meters. As an interface, the camera offers a USB-C port for charging, while the action cam connected to the computer can also be used as a full HD webcam. In addition, GoPro supports direct streaming to Facebook, Facebook Pages, as well as Twitch and YouTube via app.

The Hero 9 Black starts at $350, with GoPro also offering it as a Hero 9 Black bundle for $400. The bundle carrying case includes the actioncam, a second battery, and a floating handle and two adhesive mounts in a carrying case.

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