Gamescom 2020 free live on the net

Gamescom 2020 free live on the net

Unlike in the last years, this time there will be no pictures of enthusiastic gamers and fancy cosplayers from Koln. Since all activities have been moved to the net, the audience will stay at home. But this also has its good side: While the Gamescom program was usually only open to those who could get a ticket and travel to Koln, this time game fans from all over the world can participate in the four-day program for free. The expanded content portal "Gamescom Now" will make shows, news and world premieres available free of charge on the web.

The opening show "Opening Night Live", hosted by Geoff Keighley, will kick off on 27 September. August. Until 30. August will follow further shows like the "Gamescom Daily Show" and the "Gamescom Studio". The latter will interview top developers about their games and thus provide background information. A separate show called "Awesome Indies" will present announcements and news about indie games. Although not all major studios and publishers have confirmed their participation, several well-known ones will be there, including Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, SEGA and Ubisoft.

Gamescom 2020 free live on the net

Gamescom cosplay like in 2019 with the promotion team of "Minute of Islands" is only available online at Gamescom 2020.

The display of creative cosplay costumes, drawings, music and show interludes, and workshops have also been moved online. Participation will be via Twitch stream and Discord. Also this year there will be a "Gamescom Cosplay Contest", where the best cosplay costumes will be awarded.

While last year’s Indie Arena Booth was a motley bunch of couches and game booths, this year’s Gamescom home for indie developers is digital as well. Instead of Koln, the indie development studios are to design their booths in a virtual area, through which visitors can then stroll with their own customizable avatar almost like in real life. There, game presentations will also be possible and you will be able to play the indie games yourself in the browser.

Some 200 developers from more than 50 nations set up booths in the online version of the Indie Arena Booth to show off their latest games. Many projects from German-speaking countries are also present, including Rockfish Games with their space game "Everspace 2", Studio Fizbin with "Minute of Islands" and Yager with "The Cycle".

The B2B conference devcom, which in earlier years was held alongside Gamescom in Koln, is also being moved online. It offers the industry from 28. August to make contacts. Publishers and developer studios are then to be presented at the virtual event "Pitch it!"can make contact with each other via the Pine app.

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