Culture hackathon: coding da vinci lower saxony starts at the end of october

Culture hackathon: coding da vinci lower saxony starts at the end of october

Various cultural institutions in Lower Saxony, including museums, libraries and archives, are making 46 data sets available for the upcoming Coding Da Vinci hackathon – a record for the Germany-wide series of events.

Darin verstecken sich Bilder, Videos und auch Metadaten, die ab Ende Oktober im Rahmen des Hackathons von Interessierten neu aufbereitet und prasentiert werden sollen.

Early scientific (silent) film recordings from the 1930s and 1940s are available from the Technical Information Library in Hanover, while the University of Gottingen contributes parts of demonstration experiments that the physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg first presented at the end of the 18th century. Twentieth century showed. According to the project team from Lower Saxony, this could be used to create apps, websites or interactive installations.

Culture hackathon: coding da vinci lower saxony starts at the end of october

The computer museum of the Gesellschaft fur wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung (GWDG) provides 100 pictures on the development of computer technology.

It starts on 23. October with a Fireabend network meeting of the games industry in Lower Saxony and Bremen. Subsequently falls on 24. and 25. October the official starting signal falls with the Kick off weekend, with which the participants are to become acquainted with themselves and form teams. While many hackathons are over after one weekend, Coding Da Vinci continues with teams having 14 weeks to develop their projects and prototypes.

Jetzt mitmachen

Due to current developments, the kick-off weekend will be held as a hybrid event, where online participation is possible in addition to on-site participation at the Kulturzentrum Pavillon in Hannover, Germany – provided that you register. On Saturday, the 38 institutions will present their data sets and answer questions. Afterwards already existing ideas will be presented and first teams will be formed. Those who don’t have time on the weekend or only develop a zundende idea afterwards can also join in later on. On 29. The final presentation and award ceremony will take place on January 2021, again at the Pavilion Cultural Center.

In addition to various libraries and museums, the Hanover Hackerspace LeineLab and the Makerspace Silverlabs from Goslar are also among the organizers. The Da Vinci hackathons have been taking place in Germany since 2015 and are required by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Der nachste Hackathon ist fur 2021 dann in Schleswig-Holstein geplant.

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