Corona warning app no longer opens on iphones: update should help

Corona warning app no longer opens on iphones: update should help

Shortly after the release of version 1.2.0 the Corona warning app for iPhones is now available in version 1.2.1 ready for download in the App Store. The emergency update is intended to fix a bug that prevents the app from launching.

After installing version 1, which has been available since Tuesday.2.0, which has been available since Tuesday, the app may no longer open – it then hangs on the home screen, as readers report. The problem can also be observed on a Mac iPhone i editorial team. It is said to be "many users" as the developers confirmed, version 1 of the app.2.1 fix it.

Problems with background update

Corona warning app no longer opens on iphones: update should help

A new notice warns if the user has switched off the background update – then there is no automatic risk detection.

The Corona Warning App 1.2 brings important innovations, which should further improve the interaction with the background update of the smartphone operating systems.

Previously, significant problems with the function of the warning app had become known: It could not update the data under circumstances when the app was not actively opened. Accordingly, it was possible that users were not informed about risk encounters by the app at all or only after a delay.

If the background update for apps was generally switched off by the user in the system settings, the Corona warning app in version 1.2 warns about this and points out that the background update must be active for the automatic risk detection. Alternatively, one can opt for manual testing: A new timer now signals when the app can retrieve a fresh record of infected users’ keys – for which it must be opened manually each time.

iPhone owners should also keep in mind that the power saving mode disables the background update of apps, but in this case no notice is displayed by the Corona warning app. So if you use the power saving mode all the time, you have to open the app manually to get the latest data and to be warned in case of a risk encounter.

iOS 13.6.1 improves encounter notifications

iPhone users should also install iOS 13.6.1 to fix a problem with Apple’s framework for Corona contact notifications, which is the basis for the Corona alert app. "In isolated cases, it can therefore still happen that the risk detection after the update of iOS 13.5.1 to 13.6 can no longer be activated", write the developers.

According to Apple, they are "several hundred devices", on which iOS 13.6 was installed immediately after its release. According to the RKI, the Corona warning app has now been downloaded almost 17 million times (as of August 11). August), of which almost 8 million times in Apple’s App Store.

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