Corona warning app: iphone users allegedly overrepresented

Corona warning app: iphone users allegedly overrepresented

iPhone users appear to be particularly interested in installing the German government’s Corona warning app: About half of the downloads of the app, which was released last Wednesday, have so far been made with iPhones in Apple’s App Store, as ZDF reports – the other half falls correspondingly on Android devices and Google’s Play Store.

50:50 instead of 75:25

iPhone users thus had the app "Downloaded significantly more often than Android users" and are accordingly "overrepresented in percentage terms", writes the ZDF. Market researchers estimate that Android holds about 75 percent of the German smartphone market, with Apple’s iPhone accounting for about the remaining 25 percent. With similar interest in both user groups, the download ratio should have been around 75:25 instead of 50:50.

The reason for the considerable difference remains open. iPhone users are considered to be keen on updates and apps. According to Apple, iOS 13 is now running on a good 80 percent of all iPhones, and iOS 13 can be downloaded accordingly.5, which is a prerequisite for the Corona Warning app due to the integration of the contact log interface. older iPhones like the iPhone 6, which was introduced in 2014, cannot import the app.

Google introduced the contact log interface on Android devices as an update to Google Play Services, though not all Android manufacturers use it. Some Android users may also have been put off by the permissions requested: for the required Bluetooth access, the Corona warning app must also ask for the release of the location services in certain Android versions, although these are not accessed.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Corona warning app has now been downloaded 11.8 million times. So far, no one seems to have reported a Covid-19 infection on the app: The list of so-called "Diagnosis Keys", which the app retrieves from the server every day, is still empty in Germany so far.

iOS bugs: "Region for contact messages changed"

iPhone users report two confusing error messages that appear to be due to Apple’s Exposure Notification API in iOS and not the Corona warning app. A sudden notice mistakenly informs the user that he/she has changed the "changed the region for contact messages" – the contact messages may not have been "may not be supported in this region". The message appears sporadically, even without a change of country or travel. The reference can simply be clicked with "OK" and ignore it.

The error message is also new: "Too little memory to provide Covid-19 contact messages", it goes to the storage settings and can appear even on devices that still have plenty of free space. It can also be ignored. Both bugs should be fixed with an upcoming iOS update.

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