Only thanks to a camera on board ESA’s Mars Express orbiter, which was not designed for this purpose at all, a group of researchers has found out what an unusual and huge cloud on Mars is all about. It appears regularly in the early morning beyond the field of view of most instruments at a huge shield volcano, is pulled in a few hours with rough speed into the long and then dissolves. Only with the help of the on-board surveillance camera of Mars Express it was first discovered and now investigated.

Always in the morning

As the scientists now explain in the Journal of Geophysical Research, they have determined that the giant cloud forms every morning shortly before sunrise in the spring and summer on Mars. It is therefore an "orographically excited" cloud, which is formed when wind is printed upwards on the slopes of the Arsia Mons volcano. For two and a half hours, the cloud is then pulled westward at over 600 kilometers per hour and reaches a height of 45 kilometers. In the process, it will be nearly 2000 kilometers long and 150 kilometers wide, according to the report. In the late morning, it breaks away from the volcano and disappears in the face of rising temperatures.

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Google details criticism of australia's media law's media law

In the dispute over Australia’s planned media law, Google puts forward further arguments as to why it would not be enforceable in practice. The main ie is the contracts to be negotiated between the U.S. company and the publishers and, in case of doubt, to be decided in arbitration proceedings. In the USA there was similar as “Baseball Arbitration”, This includes buying and selling players – but that doesn’t work very well either.

Australia foresees the agreement between media companies and Internet corporations such as Google and Facebook to negotiate among themselves the price for the use of content, creating a kind of licensing fee system. If they do not agree, a mediator may intervene or arbitration may occur. According to Google, however, this would only be possible if there was fundamental agreement on what the object or content to be negotiated is worth. “Some amounts that publishers consider reasonable for us to maintain links to them are unrealistic”, writes Google in a blog post.

One media company, for example, has already suggested that digital platforms should pay a billion US dollars each year, ignoring the fact that just one percent of search queries in Australia are related to news. Accordingly, they make revenues of ten million US dollars. Both sides therefore had completely different ideas about prices, making it impossible for a mediator or arbitrator to give priority to one offer here. Moreover, no company could operate with such ambiguity. In baseball, the method therefore also often fails and does not lead to a quick result.

Intel processors: microcode updates for atom celerons decided

AMD and Intel processors load microcode updates to fix bugs or update new features. However, the exact functioning of these microcode updates is not publicly documented, but they are usually encrypted and cryptographically signed. Security experts Maxim Goryachy, Dmitry Sklyarov and Mark Ermolov have now succeeded for the first time in deciphering the microcode updates for certain Intel processors after long preparatory work.

Intel emphasizes that this does not imply any remotely exploitable security hole, because the processors only ie digitally signed microcode updates and the signature key remains secure.

However, Goryachy, Sklyarov and Ermolov explain that it is now possible for the first time to examine the functioning of Intel microcode updates on (still) current processors. Until now, this was only possible with older processors, with AMD up to the K8 and K10 generations (Usenix Security 2017).

Games and movies: government wants to tighten youth media protection significantly

Movies and games will be given the same age rating regardless of whether they are streamed online or purchased over the counter. In addition, institutions of voluntary self-regulation or certified youth protection officers are to take into account additional functions of a game and no longer just the content when awarding age ratings.

This is provided for in the draft amendment to the law for the protection of minors, which the federal cabinet initiated on Wednesday. In particular, contact possibilities that can lead to cyberbullying, pick-up lines and abuse should in future lead to games only being released for a higher age group. This also applies to cost traps such as in-game purchases and loot boxes "lootboxes" and "elements in games that simulate gambling" in games. The federal government thus also takes into account "interaction risks", emphasized Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD).

The cabinet justifies the draft with the increase of cyberbullying as well as with addiction and self-danger on the net. There has also been an increase in children and young people being targeted for sexual contact and sexual violence via the internet. Modern media protection for young people must therefore safeguard personal rights and protect the data of children and young people.

Freedom of information: eu authorities must print sms and direct messages

European freedom of information requirements not only included files that are on paper or digital, or emails. Interpersonal communications such as SMS, Twitter direct messages and chats via messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Threema and Signal also fall under the 2001 EU regulation "on public access to documents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission".

"Reality of modern communications"

This was the decision of EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly in response to a complaint from FragDenStaat, as the creators of the transparency portal announced on Monday. Accordingly, the EU bodies and subordinate institutions must in the future also record such direct communication, mostly exchanged via smartphone, store it and make it accessible upon request.

The European law on information refers to "Content independent of the form of the data carrier" and thus clearly includes SMS and direct messaging, O’Reilly stated. The EU institutions had to "make the best possible efforts to reflect the reality of modern communication" and the increasing use of instant messaging, for example "in their rules and practices of documentation management".

Medicines from marienkafern

Ladybirds are becoming a changing pharmacy: In a current branch of pharmaceutical research, scientists are currently focusing on insects as a possible source of new active ingredients. Insect agents "are structured quite differently from plant substrates and thus enable new pharmacological approaches", says Kwang-Zin Lee of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME) in Gieben.

He is particularly fond of the Asian Harlequin Marienkafer. "It produces more than fifty different antimicrobial peptides. This makes it the record holder among insects." The spectrum of activity of the substances is broad. These include compounds that kill tuberculosis bacteria, as well as substances against plasmodia that cause malaria.

The oats attracted the attention of the researchers in Gieben because they are particularly resistant to other members of their family. It has been destroying hundreds of aphids a day in greenhouses and orchards for decades and is also valued in this role. But from there, the black-spotted ladybird has spread rapidly and has become a global threat to the seven-spotted ladybird.

Gaming notebooks with geforce gpus: missing max q specifications make buying difficult

If you are interested in a notebook with a GeForce graphics chip from Nvidia’s RTX-3000 series, alias Ampere, you will often no longer see any information about the GPU power consumption in the manufacturer’s data sheets. The formerly widespread Max-Q specs have disappeared from most names. Consequently, it is not possible to find out how fast the graphics chip in a notebook is without research.

Manufacturers can install the mobile GeForce RTX 3080, GeForce RTX 3070 and GeForce RTX 3060 with different power settings – the top model, for example, with 80 to 150 watts or even more in exceptional cases. A limitation to 80 watts reduces the clock rates considerably, which affects the frame rate in 3D games. A mobile GeForce RTX 3070 with 125 watts can be faster than a GeForce RTX 3080 with less than 100 watts.

Spartan data sheets

With the RTX 2000 generation, the GPU names included a "Max-Q" was noted in the GPU names if it was a low power consumption version. This way, buyers knew that a device with a mobile GeForce RTX 2060 could be faster than one with a GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q. In some cases, variants with a maximum performance configuration also had the specification "Max-P" or "Max Performance" can be found.

Machine learning: spacy 3.1 passes predictions in the pipeline

The Berlin company Explosion AI has version 3.1 of the Python library spaCy, which is designed for Natural Language Processing (NLP), was published. Among the new features is the option to pass annotations about predictions from one component to another during training. A new component is also used to label arbitrary and potentially overlapping text passages.

Disclosure of predictions

Component training process is typically isolated: individual components have no visibility into the predictions of components ahead of them in the pipeline. The current release allows writing annotations during training, which can be accessed by other components. The new configuration setting training.annotating_components specifies which components write annotations.

In this way, for example, the information about the grammatical structure from the dependency of the parser can be used for tagging with the Tok2Vec extension, as the following example from the spaCy documentation shows:

Gamescom 2020 free live on the net

Unlike in the last years, this time there will be no pictures of enthusiastic gamers and fancy cosplayers from Koln. Since all activities have been moved to the net, the audience will stay at home. But this also has its good side: While the Gamescom program was usually only open to those who could get a ticket and travel to Koln, this time game fans from all over the world can participate in the four-day program for free. The expanded content portal "Gamescom Now" will make shows, news and world premieres available free of charge on the web.

The opening show "Opening Night Live", hosted by Geoff Keighley, will kick off on 27 September. August. Until 30. August will follow further shows like the "Gamescom Daily Show" and the "Gamescom Studio". The latter will interview top developers about their games and thus provide background information. A separate show called "Awesome Indies" will present announcements and news about indie games. Although not all major studios and publishers have confirmed their participation, several well-known ones will be there, including Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, SEGA and Ubisoft.

Gamescom 2020 free live on the net

Gamescom cosplay like in 2019 with the promotion team of "Minute of Islands" is only available online at Gamescom 2020.

Book tip: fascination sports photography

Images that capture the dynamics of sports are fascinating and are the field of activity of many professional photographers. Every weekend hundreds of photographers besiege the world’s sporting venues. From swimming stadiums to BMX tracks, thousands of pictures are taken, but few make it into the media.

This is also one of the starting points of Jorg Walther, who already steams all ambitions to earn his money with sports photography – after all, this is a field of activity for professionals, which has little or no interface with amateur photography. For amateur photographers it is practically impossible to get accreditation for a rough sports event. Thus Walther’s book is not so much an introduction to the professional world of sports photographers, but rather an insight into their field of activity. To this end, the author gives an overview of the technology used (professional cameras and lenses) and advice on how to use them. These are largely limited to obvious facts, for example, that high ISO numbers and correspondingly usable equipment is of note in indoor sports, or that a high continuous shooting speed increases the number of ultimately usable pictures.

On the subject of image design, Walther also lets professional photographers have their say, presenting their personal favorite image and describing how it was created. In any case, the book is peppered with numerous high-quality sports shots, whose captions include the equipment used and the exposure settings.