Graphql: hasura opens in version 2 for new databases and speaks rest

Hasura has released version 2.0 of the GraphQL engine of the same name. After the processor was designed for PostgreSQL, the release aims at general database connectivity. At the start there are interfaces for SQL-Server and BigQuery. New interfaces should be able to be developed in a short time. In addition, the engine can now address multiple databases simultaneously.

More than a database

The first release of the engine had appeared in 2018 and had focused exclusively on a direct connection to PostgreSQL databases. According to its own statements, the team initially wanted to concentrate on the ecosystem and the community of the open-source database.

Since then, there have been two fundamental requests from the user base, especially in the enterprise environment: First, multi-tenant connectivity of multiple instances, and second, integration of different workloads, taking into account, for example, the different requirements for processing time series versus those with coarse transaction volumes.

Study: blue light filters contribute to better sleep

Blue light filters in smartphones and computer displays have become popular in recent times. Researchers at the University of Salzburg have now investigated whether they really do contribute to better sleep. Their preliminary result: yes, partially, they write in the scientific journal Clock Sleep. Short-wave light not only influences circadian rhythms and evening sleepiness, but also sleep physiology and wakefulness in the morning. Using a blue light filter in the evening reduces these negative effects.

For their pilot study, psychologists Sarah Schmid and Christopher Hohn sent 14 young men to a sleep laboratory for three nights. Beforehand, they had to read the same texts in the same font size on a smartphone with and without blue light filters as well as on paper for 90 minutes, they describe in their paper. The titles were "The Kangaroo Chronicles: Views of a noisy marsupial", "555 popular misconceptions: Why Angela Merkel is actually a West German, eggs don’t have to be discouraged and peanuts are not nuts" and "13 against the summer hole: 13 authors – 13 stories – 13 x Lesespab".

Throughout the night, their bodily functions were continuously monitored. Polysomnography was used to measure brain waves, eye movements and muscle activity, as well as body temperature regulation and changes in the hormones cortisol and melatonin.

Meow! Attacks on elasticsearch and mongodb servers, motive unknown

Security researcher Bob Diachenko and the security research team he leads at the British company Comparitech are currently monitoring active attacks on Elasticsearch and MongoDB databases worldwide. If the unknown attackers succeed in breaking in, they delete the entire database content and replace it with combinations of the text string "meow" with random numbers.

A search for "meow" with the IoT search engine Shodan currently provides more than 1700 affected Elasticsearch and almost 700 MongoDB installations worldwide – and the trend is rising. Germany accounts for more than 130 Elasticsearch search hits.

Motive for attack still unclear

How the "Meow"-attack is carried out in detail, Diachenko does not describe it. Opposite Ars Technica he does suggest that the attackers are looking for databases that can be modified without credentials and then delete them using scripts written for this purpose.

Decision on wirecard's expulsion from the dax draws closer

When will the insolvent scandal group Wircard be removed from the Dax, investors ask?. There should be clarity in the course of the week. By 13. August at the latest, Deutsche Borse intends to publish the results of a consultation with market participants on changes to the index rules. The implementation will then take about a week.

Wirecard had to leave the top German stock exchange league in August – instead of after the regular index review at the beginning of September. The food delivery service Delivery Hero and the fragrance and flavoring manufacturer Symrise are considered candidates for promotion to the index of the 30 heavyweights in the stock exchange.

Revised rules and regulations after scandal

The Deutsche Borse announced a revision of the rules for the Dax share index following criticism of the handling of the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard, which was involved in an accounting scandal. Up to now, a company has only had to file for bankruptcy in the event of liquidation or rejection of the application to open insolvency proceedings for lack of assets "immediately" be removed from a selection index.

Magnetic balls: life-threatening tiktok trend

The UK’s national health service, National Health Service (NHS), is calling for a ban on the sale of magnets as a "Toys" LIMITS. The background is a current TikTok trend, in which teenagers use two magnetic balls on the top and bottom of the tongue to form a "Fake piercing" place. However, accidental swallowing of the balls poses a risk to life. The NHS has now ied a patient alert on the matter.

Interruption of blood supply

In the last three years, at least 65 children have undergone emergency surgery as a result of swallowing magnets, according to the NHS. The magnetic objects were found to cause an interruption in blood supply in the intestines, the NHS explains – within hours, swallowed magnets could cause significant damage. Teenagers using magnetic balls as fake tongue piercings recently added to young children among those affected.

On TikTok, the teens in the videos play with the magnetic spheres above and below their tongues, moving them back and forth like a real piercing where, unlike magnets, the two spheres are permanently attached to a rod – they’re not magnets either.

Internet archive will show fact checks and background information in the future

There’s a lot on the Internet, including a lot of questionable stuff – that’s why the Internet Archive has taken it upon itself to make corrective information available for some archived web pages. In some cases, this may be background information to put misleading statements into context; in other cases, it may be fact checks to correct earlier misstatements. The Internet Archive presents its new project in a blog post.

Fact checks linked

As Mark Graham writes in his blog post, the Internet Archive has begun displaying links to such annotations on stored snapshots of a web page when a user of the Wayback Machine – the search engine used to browse the archive – stumbles upon a page in question. The respective archived web page remains unchanged, only a yellow highlighted note is displayed between the header with the search engine information and the snapshot of the web page.

Internet archive will show fact checks and background information in the future

Fact checks or background information about an archived web page will be displayed by the Wayback Machine with a yellow bar in the future.

C't uncovers: security leaks in the dedoles store't uncovers: security leaks in the dedoles store

In the run-up to Christmas, online stores were booming, and the Corona lockdown shortly before Christmas may have brought further traffic to the virtual shops. But even those who stayed away from city centers and shopped on their couches at home were at risk: Clothing store Dedoles failed to plug security holes on its website for months.

Dedoles sells mainly funny socks, pants and boxer shorts. And very successfully, if you believe the company’s information: According to this, more than one million customers have already ordered from Dedoles, the Slovakian company is active in 19 European countries, including Germany. However, security expert Daniel Ruf was not interested in the colorful socks, but in the IT security of the store.

Cross site scripting again

Ruf promptly discovered several vulnerabilities of the type “Cross Site Scripting” (XSS) in the store system. He didn’t have to search long for them: The first one he found right on the start page, in a central function of the store.

Futuristic screens in the design of 'stargate' connect vilnius and lublin'stargate' verbinden vilnius und lublin

Thanks to an interactive installation in the form of a Stargate, people in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Lublin, Poland, can now meet each other in the middle of their cities. This is made possible by a "Portal" baptized work of art, which was developed by the Gediminas Technical University in Vilnius. Each of them is a circular screen in a stone enclosure. In each case, what is happening in front of the other portal can be seen in real time – at a distance of more than 400 kilometers. It is intended for those who have had enough of travel restrictions and cannot wait to meet people from near and far. More portals are to follow.

"Portal"Visual connection between Vilnius and Lublin

Futuristic screens in the design of 'stargate' connect vilnius and lublin'stargate' verbinden vilnius und lublin

The "portal" in front of Vilnius Central Station

Waving to another city

Every "portal" resembles a "virtual round gate" and can transmit live images from the other side via the Internet, the city of Vilnius now explains. The shape was chosen on purpose, because it is a well-known and recognizable symbol from science fiction, it says. This surely refers to the TV series Stargate, in which such gates connect planets far away from each other – but also allow travel between them. With the minimalist design, however, those responsible also wanted to help project the image of a city of the future. Work on it took five years, according to the university.

Cross-platform: qt 6.1 brings more modules into the 6-series

The Qt Company has released the first beta of Qt 6.1 has been released. With the updates, the 6-series of the cross-platform framework closes to Qt 5.x on. The developers have ported numerous modules that can be used in Qt 6.0 were missing, including Qt Data Visualization, Qt Device Utilities, Active Qt and Qt Lottie. However, some modules are currently only implemented to a limited extent.

The addition of the modules should enable or simplify the porting of more Qt 5 applications to Qt 6. The Qt Company had described the Qt 6.0, which will be released in December 2020, as an incomplete starting point for the next Qt generation and announced that it would close the gaps in comparison to Qt 5.x within the next few months.

Visualization with old backend

The release brings two data visualization components: Qt Charts and Qt Data Visualization. However, both modules cannot yet use the full scope of the new Rendering Hardware Interface (RHI). The latter is the newly introduced general abstraction layer for 3D graphics, which unlike Qt 5 offers not only a connection to OpenGL, but also to Vulkan, Metal and Direct 3D.

Mcallister: possible brexit pact can no longer be ratified

A possible Brexit trade pact with the UK cannot be ratified in time before the end of the year, according to the European Parliament – even if a breakthrough were to be achieved now. This was said by CDU MEP David McAllister to the German Press Agency after an agreement failed to materialize over the weekend. On Monday, parliament’s Brexit experts plan to discuss what options remain.

Negotiations without end

After leaving the EU at the end of January, the UK will also leave the single market and customs union on 31. December, the UK will also leave the single market and the customs union, thus completing the Brexit economically as well. The desired treaty should avoid tariffs and trade barriers. But negotiators from the European Union and the United Kingdom struggled in vain over the weekend. Negotiations are to continue on Monday, both sides said Sunday evening.

This breaks a deadline set by the European Parliament: Only if a finished agreement was available by midnight on Sunday, it could still be officially confirmed in a very shortened procedure. "Unfortunately, there is still no clarity whether both sides can agree on a deal", said McAllister. "Therefore, there can be no formal approval procedure in the European Parliament before the end of the year."