Income with tariff: more money with fewer working hours

IG Metall annually collects data from employees in the information technology and telecommunications industry and uses it to produce a pay analysis. Income is a synonym for the bulky term remuneration. For the current study, the income data of 41 employees were collected in 120 companies.700 employees identified. That’s quite a lot, and the result is initially not very spectacular: overall, there was very slight income growth for employees in the ITC industry last year. They were at 0.2 percent.

You can call that stable, or you can call it stagnant. After all, even in Corona times, industry associations such as Bitkom complain about a shortage of IT specialists. It doesn’t seem to be that big with this small salary increase.

Pay scale makes the difference

Far more remarkable is the difference between salaries in companies covered by collective bargaining agreements and those in companies without. These employees with collective bargaining agreements earn 14 percent more than those in companies without collective bargaining agreements. IG Metall explains that this is due to the positive effect of collective bargaining. A collective agreement is binding if the employer belongs to the employers’ association and the employee to the trade union that concluded the collective agreement.

Great britain: royals wave hundreds of millions of pounds from wind farm deals

The sale of wind farm rights off the British coast also to German corporations could multiply the income of the royal family. The deal, announced Monday, will potentially bring the Royals up to 220 million pounds (about 250 million euros) annually over the next decade – two and a half times their current maintenance. One of the conditions is that the government does not change the amount of the so called Sovereign Grant, the royals’ share of the profits of their property manager Crown Estate, in the next review.

RWE and EnBW involved

Several energy companies, including RWE and EnBW, have secured land for high option fees to build offshore wind farms on the seabed in the Twelve Mile Zone, owned by the Konigshaus and managed by the Crown Estate.

The money raised does not belong to the Queen and her family personally, but is used for their livelihood and the upkeep of their estates. The revenues go to the state, which then pays out the Sovereign Grant to the Crown. Since 2017, this has been 25 percent – equivalent to around 220 million pounds of the annual option fee of 879 million pounds. In this financial year, for example, it amounts to 86 million pounds. It is calculated from the income of the previous year, currently the fiscal year 2018.

Medion x17575 at aldi: giant tv for little money

The TV set Medion X17575 (MD31475), from 30. July at Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud in the online store, recommends itself with its diagonal of 1.90 meters (75 inches) and 3840 × 2160 pixels resolution to the video event in the rough family and circle of friends. It has a tuner for satellite, cable and antenna, Netflix access is possible directly on the Smart TV via a pre-installed app and a separate button on the remote control. An app for Amazon Prime Video is missing, however; the app selection was also rather limited, as is usual for Medion TVs.

At least you have access to HbbTV and the TV stations’ media libraries via (W)LAN. And you can record TV broadcasts of the public programs on USB memory, but due to the lack of a second tuner you can’t watch other programs in the meantime. In addition, the built-in media player plays photos and videos from connected USB sticks and hard drives.

Blacked out

Three HDMI-2 ports are available for external players.0-inputs are ready, content from the mobile device can be transferred wirelessly via Wireless Display (WiDi) to the coarse screen. According to Medion, the X17575 can handle HDR10, but not the dynamic formats HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

Hacker attack via it service provider kaseya hits hundreds of companies

Hackers have targeted hundreds of companies in one fell swoop in the latest attack using exploit software. They exploited a vulnerability at the American IT service provider Kaseya to attack its customers with a program that encrypts data and demands loose money. The consequences were felt as far away as Sweden, where the supermarket chain Coop had to close almost all its stores. The full extent of the damage remained unclear at first.

An affected IT service provider from Germany also reported to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Its customers have been affected, said a BSI spokesman. It concerns several thousand computers at several companies. It is not ruled out that on Monday other companies will encounter problems at the beginning of the working week.

Biden involves intelligence agencies

US President Joe Biden ordered an investigation into the attack by the intelligence agencies. "The first impression was that the Russian government was not behind it, but we are not sure yet", Biden said after questions from reporters on Saturday. IT security experts had assigned the attack to the hacker group REvil, which is located in Russia, based on the software code.

Cyber attack on anhalt-bitterfeld: district continues to show itself to be unblackmailable

The district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, which was attacked with ransomware on 6. July, still does not want to comply with the demands of the attackers. The erprengsultimatum was on 26. July expired, now the criminals could make sensitive data public at any time, several terabytes of data remain encrypted.

The ultimatum had become public on. July became public. The blackmailers demanded a lot of money, the amount of which was not disclosed by the responsible LKA. District Administrator Andy Grabner (CDU) had said from the beginning that none of the demands would be paid. That is how it remains, as the Suddeutsche Zeitung reports.

One week after the attack, the criminals had published personal data of 92 people on the Darknet, including cell phone numbers and bank details. 42 of those affected were members of the district council, reported the Mirror. An inquiry from our site has not yet been answered from Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

Cracked encrochat: 3.2 t cannabis, 400 kg cocaine, 10 kg heroin seized

The Federal Criminal Police Office has presented an interim report on investigations into organized narcotics crime, which became possible because criminal investigators were able to crack the secure chat network Encrochat. Police said they had executed around 750 warrants in 2250 investigations. The suspects are said to have trafficked in a not insignificant amount of narcotics and to have formed a criminal organization. It is also about arms trading, corruption, money laundering and violent crimes. One in four suspects was armed, he said.

During searches, according to the BKA, nearly 3.2 tons of cannabis, about 320 kilograms of synthetic drugs, over 125.500 ecstasy tablets, almost 400 kilograms of cocaine and 10 kilograms of heroin were seized. In addition, the police seized around 310 firearms and more than 12.200 rounds of ammunition from circulation. In addition, asset freezes of about 168 million euros and advance asset protection of about 28 million euros had been obtained.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that investigators were able to read into the encrypted chat system. Since March 2020, the BKA had been investigating the users of cryptographic cell phones of the provider Encrochat on behalf of the General Public Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt am Main. In April 2020, the BKA received Encrochat data via Europol that showed a link to Germany. Previously, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of French and Dutch investigators, Europol and Eurojust had monitored the smartphones of the provider Encrochat.

Grossest crypto theft to date: more than $600 million stolen

The PolyNetwork was launched on 10. August 2021 victim of the grossest theft to date in the history of cryptocurrencies. Unknown individuals stole coins and tokens from the Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC, not related to PolyNetwork) blockchains worth $611 million at the time of the attack.

PolyNetwork is an interoperability platform – a bridge blockchain to exchange cryptocurrencies among each other without centralized exchanges. The theft was announced by the development team via Twitter. The security company SlowMist has discovered that unknown persons have apparently exploited a security hole within the PolyNetwork.

Lack of security

According to the report, it was possible to use a concatenation of certain functions in the smart contracts as a "Huter" (keeper) of the same and thus transfer the coins or tokens of the users to any wallet.

Cyberattack on jbs: factory closures in the u.s., u.s. Government called in

The cyberattack on world-grown meat company JBS was carried out with ransomware and has now shut down gross parts of its operations in North America. This is according to US media reports and a statement from the White House. According to the statement, the U.S. government was informed by the company that the attack was carried out by a criminal organization, which probably operates from Russia.

Therefore, direct contact was made with the government in Moscow and the message was conveyed, "That responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals". The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has begun an investigation, and this and similar attacks could also be a topic at the upcoming meeting between U.S. President Biden and his Russian counterpart Putin.

Critical infrastructure in the USA affected again

JBS is the world’s largest meat producer and operates mainly in Australia, South and North America. Earlier this week, the group announced that it had fallen victim to a cyberattack, the full extent of which was yet to be seen. In Australia, JBS had to cancel all scheduled slaughters; its operations in South America were not affected. Because Monday was a holiday in the U.S. and Canada, the severity of the impact became clear only on Tuesday. According to the New York Times, JBS had to close all beef processing plants, and shifts were canceled at poultry and pork plants. According to the report, at least one factory in Canada also had to stop work.