Abuse commissioner: fight against child abuse on the net on the brink of collapse

Abuse commissioner: fight against child abuse on the net on the brink of collapse

"We must prevent the system from collapsing", says Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, Independent Federal Government Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM). He means the system of law enforcement against child abuse on the net. "Above all, we need a massive increase in police and judicial personnel", demands Rorig.

"Investigations must not be allowed to fail because search warrants are not executed and data carriers are not evaluated or thousands of files are lying in storage nationwide because there is no capacity to process them. A tipping point has been reached", warns Rorig. Danger prevention must go where the children and young people are. This also applies more and more to social networks and online games.

Rorig makes his demands in view of the figures now presented by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) on violence against children. According to these, the cases of child pornography in 2020 compared to the previous year by 53 percent to 18.761. In addition, the number of children and young people who redistributed, acquired, possessed or manufactured abusive images, particularly on social media, has more than tripled to 7643 since 2018, he said.

No data retention

Forums on the Darknet were increasingly professionally organized by offenders, smaller offender communities hide behind encrypted communication, explains the BKA. An increase in the number of tips about child and youth pornography was probably also due to the fact that the National Center for Missing Exploited Children increasingly reported cases from Germany. In addition, the police have succeeded in identifying numerous other suspects in the gross abuse cases in Lugde, Bergisch Gladbach and Munster, both in Germany and abroad. Thousands of tips on misuse, however, did not lead to the identification of the perpetrators because the IP addresses supplied by the provider had already been deleted due to the lack of data retention, the BKA explains.

The next Bundestag must set up a commission of enquiry, Rorig demands. There, experts from data protection, child protection, cybercriminology and law enforcement should work together with the rough online companies and gaming platforms to develop a basic strategy to combat sexual violence on the net.

According to police crime statistics, 152 children died violently in Germany last year. 115 of them were younger than six years at the time of death. Keyhole was attempted in 134 cases. With 4918 cases of mistreatment of protected persons, an increase of 10 percent was registered compared to 2019. Child abuse is up 6.8 percent to more than 14.500 trap increased.

The dark field, the proportion of crimes that the police do not find out about, is many times larger. According to estimates, up to two male or female students per school class in Germany are or have been exposed to sexual violence.

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